Smart Technology

Smart, durable, easy to install, simple to clean and accommodates all beds

As anyone in the healthcare business knows, construction dollars are hard to come by. The Hill-Rom® Bed Locator maximizes your investment by providing hospital bed wall protection. Patients and beds are getting bigger and heavier which leads to even more damage to unprotected walls and structures.

The Hill-Rom® Bed Locator was specifically designed to meet these new challenges. The Hill-Rom® Bed Locator’s shoulder-less design accommodates the trend toward increasingly wider, bariatric beds and still delivers data and electric to the head of the bed where you need it. With sides angled at 45 degrees, the Hill-Rom® Bed Locator not only provides hospital bed wall protection it also helps prevent damage to cords and connections during high-low positioning of the bed. The durable, two-piece design is simple for contractors to install and the outer shell is seamless so the Hill-Rom® Bed Locator is easy to clean.

Did we mention the Hill-Rom® Bed Locator is smart? When integrated with the Hill-Rom® Patient Light, it will automatically shut off power to the bed in the event an IV pole comes in contact with the light, reducing the risk of property damage and protecting you and your patients. Smart, durable, easy to clean and inclusive of bariatric beds – the Hill-Rom® Bed locator is the natural choice for your patient environment.

Dimensions (w x h) 50″ x 22.5″
Depth at bumpers 4.6″
Depth at center 2.76″
Weight 65 lbs