Lighting Systems

Lighting systems for patient rooms

There are a number of reasons you might seek a ceiling mounted overbed lighting solution. Perhaps you need space on a headwall for accessories or equipment, maybe you need to protect your lighting from the “up/down” travel of today’s high-tech bed solutions or perhaps you’ve employed an ergonomic boom arm solution such as our Latitude system. Regardless of the reason, the Hill-Rom OverBed Light has you covered.

Clean, brilliant light delivered in a thoughtful overbed lighting solution that meets the needs of patients, clinicians and hospital engineering departments everywhere.

Clean, Brilliant Light — Glare-free light delivered to the patient care arena where you need it and as you need it. With three lights in one thoughtfully designed fixture, the OverBed Light integrates easily into your room planning and saves money by consolidating your lighting needs into one centrally located fixture. The optional low voltage controller can be mounted on the hospital overbed lighting fixture to facilitate patient control of ambient / reading illumination with a bed or pillow speaker. Healthcare providers can have easy control access at the wall or bed.

Three Function Task Lighting — The Hill-Rom OverBed Light provides patient reading, room ambient and patient examination lighting in one fixture. The OverBed Light features an optional chart and LED nightlight, which is why you often hear this overbed light referred to as the “five function” light.

Easy To Clean and Service — The OverBed Light has an antimicrobial polyester powder coating that stands up to toughest cleaning protocols and promotes a clean patient environment. The IP65 ingress barrier door, seals against dust, dirt and moisture and provides easier maintenance. The shielded lamp design of the OverBed Light keeps the lamp from retaining dust. For superior cleaning and protection, the optional ingress barrier seals the light and protects the patient environment from lingering dust or particulate matter.

Easy To Install — The simple, robust one piece hospital overbed lighting unit is designed for lay-in and hard ceilings. It drops into a tee grid for easy installation.