Soothing image lightboxes for the healing environment

Photographic scenes are welcome additions to many areas in hospital settings. Patient rooms, treatment areas, and pre/post-operative areas are perfect settings for soothing hospital lighting and images such as coastal, sky, and other nature scenes. The images create a peaceful ambiance that helps patients focus on thoughts connected with pleasant experiences.

In addition to encouraging positive attitudes in patients, hospital lighting and photographic scenes can also create a serene setting for patients’ family and friends in areas such as cafeterias, entryways, and chapels. Healthcare providers and hospital staff also appreciate and benefit from the uplifting hospital lighting and images while at work.

Brilliant Illumination
Featuring the same outstanding hospital lighting and environmental performance as our other Patient Environment hospital light fixtures, Hill-Rom® Lightboxes can be specified with complete confidence in virtually any hospital environment. Hill-Rom® Lightbox fixtures produce the highest quality uniform lighting that brings the best out of any graphic image. All hospital lighting fixtures are also available with full range dimming capabilities down to 1% light output which makes them appropriate for 24/7 usage.

Designed to resist contamination
All Hill-Rom Lightboxes are ingress protection rated by Underwriter Laboratories (IP65), National Sanitation Listed (Splash Zone), and NSF49 rated. Additionally Hill-Rom’s hospital light fixtures comes standard with an antimicrobial finish that resists surface contamination.

Easy to install, easy to maintain
The simple, robust one piece hospital lighting unit is designed for lay-in and hard ceilings. The Hill-Rom Lightbox drops into a tee grid for easy installation. The hospital light fixture’s “easy access” design makes changing the graphic image panels a snap, so you’re always keeping a “fresh” look throughout your facility.