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Wittrock offers prefabricated headwall solutions at various heights and widths. Our fully customizable solutions offer a range of affordable options that meet your project needs. 

Pre-fabricated Solutions

Easy installation

Wittrock offers partial frame delivery to help with project deadlines. Pre-fabricated headwalls can be provided with hard piping and rigid conduit, as well.

Our pre-fabricated headwalls can be provided with Wittrock’s proprietary manifold and hose systems which are acuity adaptable. Wittrock provides on-site support throughout the project, insuring our products are installed correctly and on time. 

We also provide the option of using either a single point of connection or separate, straight-up runs for gas piping and electrical conduit. Separate runs allow for a partial frame delivery. 


In-house capabilities

Wittrock is uniquely positioned supplier that has in-house state of the art equipment. Over 90% of all components that go into our products are manufactured in-house. 

Controlling the process from raw materials to finished products allows Wittrock to maintain the highest level of quality and respond to immediate needs that might arise during construction.

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