Accessible and Changeable

Easy to access and change

Elements® headwall connects technology to design and links patient satisfaction with aesthetics. Elements headwall provides maximum freedom in terms of design and the incorporation of technology. Its extendable infrastructure will let you adapt the patient care environment as your workflow processes change.

It is the first truly acuity adaptable headwall system. At its core, Elements headwall is an extremely flexible headwall system designed to bring electric power, data and gases to the patient care arena. This linear, high-quality system is clinically functional while delivering unparalleled aesthetics. The innovative panel system with its flush-mounted service panel clearly delineates clinical, patient and family spaces.

Easily configurable, scalable and acuity adaptable.

Ergonomic placement of services to minimize caregiver bending and reaching.

Integrated workflow components to facilitate charting, eliminate unnecessary steps, and simplify bedside patient care.

Flexible storage and equipment organization options compartments that adapt to clinician needs

Highly cleanable “reveal-less” and “faceplate-free” design.

Streamlined installation—headwall is assembled at the factory and shipped pre-wired, pre-plumbed with integral leveling system. It’s quick and easy to install.